The Great Wall (长成) at Shuiguan (水关)

This section of the Wall is less well-known among foreign visitors, yet, it’s very beautiful, well-preserved and popular among Chinese people. It is easily accessible from Beijing on the no. 919 bus or by car in the direction to Badaling. More information about accessibility and amenities can be found, among other, at this site.

P1020142P1020148P1020143P1020151P1020149P1020159 P1020165 P1020162 P1020163 P1020170 P1020174 P1020177 P1020179 P1020186 P1020192 P1020193 P1020196 P1020199P1020216 P1020217 P1020219 P1020220 P1020221 P1020223 P1020224 P1020228 P1020226P1020205 P1020206 P1020207 P1020212


Here is a map of some sections of the Great Wall. Unfortunately, the Shuiguan section is rarely shown, just like on this one. It may still help those who would like to visit some sections.



by Z.J.S

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