Sculptures in, on and at public buildings in South China

rhythm of roofs and bannisters in the new monastery on Yulinshan, Shaoxing, Zhejiangroofs on the new monastery on Yulinshan, Shaoxing, Zhejiangarchitecture, Yulinshan, Shaoxing, Zhejiang provinceBuddha of thousand arms, Yulinshan, Shaoxing, Zhejiangtypical park gate, Donghu, Shaoxing, Zhajiang provincenew ancient-style burner, Shaoxing, Zhejiang provincenew gate in old style in a park in Shaoxing, Zhejiangpark pillars, Shaoxing, Zhejiang provincewinter rhythm of the new bridge at the university in Shaoxing, Zhejiangpoetry of doors, park museum, Shaoxing, Zhejiangscared cat on a cold stone roof, Shaoxing, Zhejiangedge of a roof in a park, Shaoxing, Zhejiang provinceroof figures, Shaoxing, Zhejiangwindow, Shaoxing, Zhejiangancient heroes in Shaoxing, Zhejiangcarved windows, Shaoxing, Zhejiang provincerippling of roofs, Shaoxing, Zhejiangfigure and bridges, Shaoxing, Zhejiangentrance to a restaurant in Shaoxing, Zhajiangsimple roofs in Lanting, near Shaoxing, Zhejiang provincefamous carved rocks at Houshan, near Shaoxing, Zhejiang provincemodern figures of ancient Southern Heroes at Keyan, near Shaoxing, Zhejiang provinceBuddha among the cliffs at Keyan, near Shaoxing, Zhejiang provincesome of the hundreds of disciples of Buddha in Linyisi in Hangzhou, Zhejiang provinceHangzhou_Lingyinsi012the giant Avalakiteskavara on Putuoshan Island, E-Zhejianga big Buddha, in Dongyan county, Zhejiang provincemythological animal on Heaven's Road in Nanjingmythological figures in front of the City Museum, ShanghaiBuddhas on top of a temple in Shanghai's 'Chinatown''the population' in Shanghai, near the Concert Hall


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