Sculptures in Beijing

one of the winged columns in Tiananmen square in front of Gugong, Beijinggates, Gugong, Beijingrhythm of ballustrades, Gugong, Beijinga dragon in Gugong, Beijinga crane and a tortoise in Gugong, Beijingcarved wooden wall panel in the concubines's quarters in Gugong, Beijingsculpted rocks in the concubines' garden in Gugon, Beijinghead-rests in Gugong Museum, Beijingroofs and guarding figures denoting highest ranking, Gugong, Beijingcarving between stairs in Gugong, Beijinga ceiling in Gugong, Beijingornament, Gugong museum, Beijingtower guards in a corner of Gugong, Beijingthe emperor's throne in Gugon, Beijingthe Dragon Wall in Gugong, Beijingbronze cauldron, Gugong, Beijingballustrades, Gugong, Beijingin a park in Beijingin front of a restaurant in Beijinglion guards at Fayuansi, Beijingroof, Fayuesi, Beijingshrines in Niujue Libaisi, Beijinginside a temple, Fayuansi, Beijinghead of stele in Fayuansi in Beijingsteles in Fayuansi in Beijingbell in Fayuansi in Beijingstone pot in Fayuansi in Beijing


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