I’ve set up this site to show and promote my Chinese friend’s father’s calligraphy and paintings. His name is Shen Xuezi. He lives in Xi’An, Shanxi Province in China. The paintings on this site have all been made by him.

You can watch a video of the painter’s shop here

and another one here that shows as he is signing one of his paintings

For those further interested in calligraphy, I can recommend reading about it here at another blog that I have found interesting.

Besides, as one to appreciate Chinese art in general, I also share some of my photos about sculptures, statuettes, architecture and nature that I took during the years I lived in China. Links to these can be found in the pages to the right of here. The blog I recommended above also deals with various cultural aspects of Chinese people and life, so those interested can browse their earlier postings in their archives. It is well worth the visit.

For my visitors to be able to track down in general the places where the photos are from, I’m including a map of China (downloaded from Wikipedia) below.

Map of the China's provinces

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  1. Simon says:

    Ez itt csak egy teszt komment, hogy nyomkodom, tehát vagyok.
    Hajrá a bloggal!

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